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LIR-STC module. Steel Structures

LIR-STC - module for analysis and design of steel structures. LIR-STC module operates in two modes where you can: 
   determine sections of the elements of steel structures, such as trusses, columns and beams, and 
   check specified sections according to building codes.

SNIP II-23-81*, Eurocode ENV 1993-1-1:1992, building codes of the USA are supported. For every building code you could perform analysis according to all stipulated checks. For every check you will obtain demand to capacity ratio for the section. In this module it is possible to unite several elements of the same type into one structural element (STE) and unify structural elements. LIR-STC can work in local mode and check several variants of design. E.g. when you determine appropriate section you will be able to vary section height, flange dimensions, web thickness, specify transverse and longitudinal stiffeners of different shape.

In LIR-STC module you could also design and analyse joints of steel structures. Library of parametric joints is constantly increased and now it contains primarily joints peculiar to steel framework: beam grillage, connection between beams and columns, support nodes of columns, brace connections, etc. It is possible to compose complex joints from the simple ones. For example, based on simple joints ‘connection between beam and column’ and ‘brace connection’, you could compose complex joint where three beams and four braces are connected to column.

LIR-STC module can export to LIR-KM module information about design model, determined and unified sections of elements, unified and calculated joints.

LIR-STC module contains extensive documentary system and context-sensitive help.

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