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SOIL system

SOIL system is used to automatically determine modulus of subgrade reaction that is variable across the foundation slab.

According to specified geologic data (location and parameters of boreholes) you will be able to generate 3D soil model. Vertical stresses are determined according to this model across the whole slab area. These stresses depend on loads on slab and neighbouring structures. The depth of compressible stratum as well as settlement is also calculated.
Settlements may be determined by linear elastic half-space according to SNIP 2.02.01-83* and SP 50-101- 2004.
Moduli of subgrade reaction are calculated by three methods.
You can recalculate soil pressure and subgrade moduli several times (iteration process).
It is also possible to view location of layers in arbitrary vertical and horizontal soil profiles, contour plots of subgrade moduli.
Values of subgrade moduli for every FE are automatically transmitted into the whole computer model for further analysis of structure together with soil.
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