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LIR-VISOR. Special solvers

     ASSEMBLAGE plus solver
     BRIDGE solver
     Dynamics plus solver
     Model variation solver

ASSEMBLAGE plus solver

ASSEMBLAGE plus solver is used to simulate erection of the structure and trace changes in the model.

It is possible to change stiffness parameters of elements at some stages of analysis. This might be useful if it is necessary to take into account progressive hardening of concrete or changes in strength and stiffness of reinforced concrete elements during freezing – defrosting.
At some stages of erection it is possible to perform analysis in physically and geometrically nonlinear statement.
In ASSEMBLAGE plus solver you could simulate pretension of the structure (guy structures, anchors of sheet piling, etc.).

When simulating service life of the structure, analysis results obtained in ASSEMBLAGE plus solver may be used for further analysis of the whole structure on service loads.

BRIDGE solver

BRIDGE solver is used to analyse bridge structures (beam, arc, guy, suspension) and enables you to get influence and surface lines of forces in specified section from moving load.

Based on obtained forces the user could compose design combinations of load cases (DCL).
Analysis results obtained in BRIDGE solver may be used in Engineer Assistance Package (Bridge Structures program). There you will be able to determine stresses and analyse strength and stability of separate parts of the structure. This analysis is performed according to modified forces obtained in framework of bridge.

Dynamics plus solver

Dynamics plus solver enables you to perform time history analysis of nonlinear deformed structures. There may be such structures as structures with one-way restraints, physically nonlinear systems that have  s-e diagram as Prandtl and other diagrams. With Dynamics plus solver you can simulate behaviour of nonlinear structures in time.

Dynamics plus solver is mainly used for research purposes.

Model variation solver

Model variation solver enables you to unite analysis results obtained after analysis of topologically similar design models (the same geometry, the same number and types of elements) that have different boundary conditions, material properties, soil properties, etc. Obtained results are united and can be included into standard routine of computer-aided design (DCF or DCL system – Design moduleSketches of drawings).
This solver may be used for analysis on earthquake load with large stiffness parameters of soil, for analysis of structures with different locations of karsts, for analysis on loads that occur in force majeur.

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